Monday, January 26, 2009

Who We Are - PART 1

Since this is the Trippin' blog,  We can put our personal observations in here.  You can get to know a little about us and what makes us work.    So, here's some things I like a lot and not so much - we'll get Sophia to add hers on in Part 2 - and feel free to comment with your own. These are not ranked or in any particular order - just random as they pop into my head.


1.  warm weather with a little breeze
2.  partly cloudy skies (God' diffusers)
3.  watching my granddaughters play in the dirt
4.  being a grandmother
5.  my iphone (even though it's not the 3g one)
6.  being alone 
7.  having plenty of hot water 
8.  event planners
9.  my truck
10 making my daughter laugh with just a "look"
11  when the new season of one of my favorite shows starts
12 DVR - missing the commercials of #11
13 Sunday night dinners
14 vision boards
15 the feeling I have when I pray 
16 having wine with my friend while our husbands cook
17 my patio in the summer
18 when my dog runs to the door to see me 
19 good hair days
20 potato anything
21 Starbucks grande, triple, skinny, one pump, no whip Mocha 
22 when someone cries at one of our photographs
23 when someone laughs at one of our photographs
24 friend's house I can wear my slippers to (or no shoes at all)
25 talking to my sister
26 ranting to my sister
27 having a batch action work all the way thru the first time
28 being a photographic artist for a living
29 vanilla bean ice cream
30 standing in line at Ted Drewe's Original stand in St. Louis
31 watching people
32 orchids and african violets
33 having enough points at the end of the day for a glass of red wine
34 getting my hair colored - it's so pretty the first day
35 road trips with my camera and Sophia
36 kids with no front teeth
37 little boys in baseball uniforms 
38 tutus and petticoats
39 dressing in costumes
40 my 85mm 1.2 lens 
41 couples in love 
42 newly sharpened pencils
43 a new box of crayons
44 having all my lens caps at the end of the night
45 chocolate cake balls from Mallory's Mudpies - OMG
46 little baby shoulders and that little place between their necks and shoulders 
47 listening to The Allman Brothers Band and driving fast with the windows down
48 having a really good NetFlix movie in the mailbox when I get home
49 a champagne buzz 
50 putting on clothes right out of the dryer


1.  people who have "private caller" on my caller ID
2.  brain freeze 
3.  not being able to see without glasses
4.  small spaces
5.  movie theaters 
6.  crowds of shoving people
7.  making small talk at fund raisers - UGH
8.  having my picture taken
9.  running a batch action and having it get almost done and have an ERROR 
10 having photoshop "unexpectedly quit" and I haven't saved my work lately
11  power surges
12  people who upset brides on their wedding days
13  videographers with 6 tripods 
14  having the edge of a label fold under on itself
15  cold coffee that gets hot and hot coffee that gets cold
16  being short on DVD space by mere MB
17  getting in the wrong lane of traffic on the highway
18  the BIG blindspot in my truck :-)
19  being really up for a session and it cancels
20 driving behind a TownCar in Utica Square 
21  Malls
22  bad martinis
23  dental procedures
24  flight delays
25  cleaning the cat box
26  burnt toast
27  oatmeal
28  slow website with links that don't work
29  identity thiefs
30  being a perfectionist about some things and not being able to stop myself
31  stress eating
32  not having any points left for dinner (ties into #31)
33  hot flashes
34  static electricity in my hair
35  people who correct other people's grammar in public
36  Miracle Whip 
37  fake butter - I really don't believe it's butter and no one else does either
38 big dogs that jump up
39 rodents and people who keep them as "pets"
40 running out of paint
41  forgetting to change my ISO on that first shot coming/going inside/outside 
42 folding chairs
43 annoying ringtones
44 my muffin tops
45 still feeling younger but looking older (this really sucks)
46 being cold 
47 not seeing or talking to my sister for several days
48 the grocery store 
49 having my normal route under construction 
50 being late

We'd love to hear about you!