Friday, June 19, 2009

Artisan Cheese - Our little Dean & Deluca's

As many of you know, my husband Jay is an aweLinksome cook. We are both foodies as evidenced by our constant struggle with our midsections! (I hate that part of it) BUT the food part - oh so good! Many times you may be looking at a recipe in Martha Stewart or Bon Appetit or some other magazine and find something you want to try but there will be some out of the ordinary ingredient listed and you just sigh and stick it back on the coffee table. Sound familiar? Well, my friends, no more! Judy Allen - a former food stylist for Martha Stewart in NYC - has opened Allen's Gourmet Grocery at 42nd & Peoria just to satisfy the foodies in this town. Judy also had the same problems after she moved back to Tulsa from NYC (she's one of our former brides!) This food boutique is reminiscent of a Dean & DeLuca store. - wire shelves full of great items - cases of artisan cheeses, pates, prosciuttos--beautifully presented as well. It sports a salt bar - different types of salt and she has a menu that tells you what each salt enhances and you can buy just a bit to try it out. All the little crackers, cookies, nuts and goodies you could ever want! I had a foodie gift basket created here and it was the most awesome gift we could have given our friends. Here's the little (iphone pic) snack we're having tonite with our wine - Yummy! Go by and say hi to her and get yourself some cheese!