Friday, March 6, 2009

Seattle : an LSD iphone Documentary

Last year, when we both got iphones, we started this little hobby - iphone documentaries - it's a little weird and we are usually the only ones who think they are funny but,nonetheless, we do it anyway. It ends up here in the Trippin' blog b/c it's just something we do for ourselves and our creative inspiration. It feeds our souls and makes us better at other things -- or so we tell ourselves. I've even downloaded an APP for my iphone - night camera - so I can take iphone pics in lower light conditions. It's a pretty cool little thing if you're into that stuff.   We did iphone-Vegas, iphone-Tulsa State Fair, iphone-Scotsdale and now, iphone Seattle.

Anyway, Jay and I recently went to Seattle to visit our dear friends, Rob & Carol Hille, who have recently moved from the farthest corner of the US to the other farthest corner of the US - West Palm to Seattle. This is like the 4th place they've lived since I've known them. We get to visit wherever they go and stay at "The Hilleton". The service is great, food great, conversation the best! Our friends are sooo happy there and we are happy for them. They showed us all around - they've only been there since January themselves! They live in a high-rise and that's what the view of the space needle is all about in the pics. Pretty Awesome! Speaking of.... some of you know that I am fairly claustrophic and years ago when the Hilles lived in St. Louis, I went up in the arch in "The Pods" - it was AWFUL - I stayed up there for hours wondering how else I could get down.  So, the first place they take us to in Seattle?  Yep, the Space Needle.  There's quite a few pics from there while I was getting the guts to go up.  Well, that's done!  Whew!   I'm a ground dweller at heart.   Open spaces.   I'm glad we got that over with first and the rest of it was marvelous.   We went to the open air market at Pike Place, they throw fish around there - the original Starbucks, Elliott's Bookstore - very cool. Could stay all day. We ate at Lola's - yummy food - Greek and thanks to hanging with Sophia, I knew exactly what to order and how to say it! We had a wonderful dinner at the Wild Ginger, breakfast at Lowells, shopping and lunch at Nordstroms and the cutest little store - The Diva Dolls. LOVED IT!Saw an entire store for ManKilts - okay...   Everyone walks everywhere - or takes a Zip car. It's a very "in" sort of place. I could live there too!   People always talk about how rainy and crummy the weather is but I have to tell you, it was pretty good as far as I was concerned.  It drizzled a little but we had sunshine and clear skies most of the time.     There's tons of Starbucks - I had to watch myself so I wouldn't O.D. on grande, no-fat, one-pump, no-whip, Mocha!   Yikes!   I got little name bracelets for my girls, t-shirts, aprons, granola, chocolates.   There was a huge picture in this chocolate shop that was made out of chocolates all placed together.   Interesting.    Here's a little iphone documentary of the trip. (about 90% of these photos are iphone but we did have the 5D with us for a bit one day so there's a few tossed in. See if you can pick them out. haha!) Watch:  Iphone Seattle